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Dechuang radar level gauge, fight speed, are you afraid?
Source:Xi’an Dechuang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. | Author:本站 | Published:2020-01-16 | Browse: 1909 timesClose this page

Dechuang radar level measurement/gauge/transmitter, fight speed, are you afraid?

At 9:24 am on January 14, 2020, our sales manager received an urgent call from a customer of China Coal Yulin Energy Chemical. An imported radar level gauge, which turned out to be adiesel oilstorage tank at the work site, failed and could not operate normally, which has affected the production work on site. Urgently need a new radar level gauge and ask our company if we can provide the product as soon as possible and install it on site?

Put down the phone, our sales will immediately communicate with the relevant person in charge; immediately arrange the production department to quickly debug a radar level gauge according to the customer's working conditions; the technician will bring the debugged radar level gauge to the car overnight To the Yulin Energy Chemical Industry site.

At 9 am on January 15, 2020, our company received the radar level gauge photos of the project site commissioned and installed by the technicians from Yulin (as below pictures), ensuring the normal operation of the customer's production!

Although the tank has been covered with frost, the heart of serving customers is as hot as the summer sun. The customer's affirmation is the driving force for our progress!

Dechuang, as a professional manufacturer of radar level measurement/ radar level gauges, we always adhere to efficient services and high-quality products; think what our customers want, and what our customers need. 24 hours, 1440 minutes, 86400 seconds, from failure to smooth replacement to normal use. Dechuang fights fast, are you scared?

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