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Application filed of Radar Level measurements
Source:Xi’an Dechuang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. | Author:本站 | Published:2020-04-26 | Browse: 1170 timesClose this page

Application filed of Radar Level measurements

1. FMCW Radar level measurementsis especially suitable for the penetration measurement outside the tank or the perspective measurement through the quartz glass isolation flange in the environment of high temperature and high pressure reactor.

2. FMCW Radar Level gauge’s electromagnetic wave emission angle is less than 1 degree, suitable for narrow space or guided wave pipeline measurement.

3. FMCW Radar level sensor can reach a measuring range of 150meter, which is suitable for the measurement of large storage tanks.

4. FMCW Radar Level Meter extremely high measurement accuracy, especially suitable for high-precision measurement level measurement.

5. FMCW Radar Level transmitter has a wealth of echo processing algorithms and empirical data of various working conditions; for extremely harsh working conditions such as strong dust, steam, and special process storage tanks such as stirring and heating rods, it has no other similar products.

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