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Power Monitoring Division
Radar Level Meter Division
 26GHz high-frequency radar level gauge successfully applied to the level measurement of gasoline and diesel... [2019-07-24]
 Successful case--120GHz FMCW Radar Level Meter used in the level measurement of slaked lime [2019-06-11]
 26GHz High-frequency radar level meter successfully applied to Chemical White Oil/asphalt project [2019-05-25]
 DCRD1000A4 of high-frequency radar level transmitters are successfully be used in the cement plant [2018-03-27]
 DCRD1000A6 radar level transmitter are successfully appliedto the measurement of ammonia waste water [2018-02-22]
 Radar level transmitter rod antenna DCRD1000A1 are applied to the measurement of the battery liquid [2018-01-31]
 DCRD1000A3 of high-frequency radar level Transmitter are used to measure the alumina powder [2018-01-16]
 High-temperature radar level transmitters are used in the measurement of coal tar level in Chongqing [2018-01-08]
 High frequency radar level transmitter, water tank level indicator [2017-08-25]
 Fuel tank level sensor, diesel fuel/oil measuring instrument [2017-08-25]
 Field Application Photos---oil level sensor [2017-07-13]
 Radar Level Transmitter for fuel oil tank level gauge level measurement [2016-09-02]
 radar level transmitter for cement level measurement [2015-12-31]
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