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26GHz High-frequency radar level meter successfully applied to Chemical White Oil/asphalt project
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Our company's high-frequency radar level meter has been successfully applied to Xinjiang Superenergy Chemical White Oil/asphalt project.

Xinjiang Superenergy Chemical Co., Ltd. belongs to petrochemical projects,the planned production lines include: raw material oil pretreatment unit, natural gas hydrogen production unit, and high pressure hydrogenation unit. After completion, the annual output of road asphalt is 1 million t/a, industrial white oil is 300,000 t/a, rubber filled oil is 384,000 t/a, and solvent oil is 115,000 t/a.

The high-frequency radar level meter of Xi'an Dechuang Electric Technology Co., Ltd. has been successfully applied in this project to monitor the continuous level change of white oil and asphalt storage tank in real time, which provides more convenient service for intelligent production.

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