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Metal tube float flow meter DCFL3000A6
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Production overview

Metal tube floatflowmeter is a variable area flow meter based on float position measurement, which is all-metal structureandModular concept design, because it has small volume, small pressure loss, large range ratio (10:1), convenient installation and maintenance.So it is widely used in various industries complex, bad environment, small flow, low flow rate, various harsh media conditions of flow measurement and process control.

Metal tube float flowmeter series productsis aim atdifferent user needs, different occasions.There are a variety of measurement forms for users to choose. According to the output form, there are local indication type, remote transmission type and control alarm type.According to the requirements of explosion protection, it can be classified into common type, essential safety type and isolation type.

Metal pipe flow meter adopts the international advanced Honeywell non-contact detection of changes in the Angle of magnetic field of magnetic sensor matchedwith Motorola microprocessor system.It can realize liquid crystal indicator, cumulative, far transmission (4 ~ 20 ma), pulse output, upper and lower alarm output function, such as the type intelligent signal transmitter with and high precision and reliability, which can replace imported the same type instrument, and has high cost performance, parameter calibration, power-fail protection, etc.

The design and manufacture of metal tube float flowmeter also take into account the requirements of the user's process flow direction. There are vertical installation, up-down installation, side in and side out installation, bottom in and side out installation, screw connection, horizontal installation and other installation options.

Technical Index

Nominal DiameterDN15mmDN200mm
Accuracy1.5 Special type 1.0
Working PressureDN15DN50 PN4.0MPa Special type32MPa),DN80DN100 PN1.6MPa Special type25MPa
Medium Temperature-40℃140℃high temperature400℃
Relative Humidity0~95%RH
Power Supply24VDC85V~265VAC3.6Vlithium battery
Signal outputtwo wire 4mA~ 20mADCcurrent signal
Explosive-proof grade:Exd ⅡCT6 Gb
level of ProtectionIP67

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