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DCRD1000A21-water tank level sensor river channel level monitor with high frequency
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DCRD1000A21-water tank leve sensor

1. Product overview

1.1 Introduction

Radar type liquid level transmitter is a instrument to measuring liquid level with 26GHz high frequency,whose measuring range is up to 70m. Late-model microprocessor with more fast reaction can analyze and process more higher rate signal after further optimized the antenna,to make the level transmitter can be used to a very complex condition.

1.2 Principle

Radar level antenna emits narrow microwave pulses that transmitted down by the antenna. The microwave comes into contact with the measured medium surface then reflected back and receiving by the antenna system. The signal is transmitted to electronic circuit and partly convert to level signals (as the microwave featured with high propagation speed, it's almost instantaneous for the electromagnetic waves to reach the target and return to the receiver).

1.3 Features

·Non-contact radar, no wear, no pollution;

·Small antenna size, easy to install;

·The small field angle and energy concentration, enhanced echo capabilities, and beneficial to avoid interference;

·Almost free from corrosion, foam impact

·Hardly affected by the change of the temperature, pressure and water vapor in the atmosphere.

·High SNR, even in the case of fluctuations can result in better performance.

·Severe dust environment is not likely to affect the work of the high-frequency level transmitter.

Feature: high accuracy;strong anti-interference ability;hardly effect by temperature and wind power;easy to installation and debugging;low power consumption

Application: lake,river, reservoirs,open channel,tide etc.

Measuring range: 0 ~ 30m

Process temperature: -40~100

Accuracy: ±3mm

Process connection: thread,holder,flange

Antenna material: stainless steel

Frequency: 26GHz

Output signal: RS485/Modbus/(420)mA/ 24VDC/HARTTwo-wire

Supply power: 6~24V DC

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