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 DCRD1000B 120ghz FMCW Radar Level Measurement Specific Application Areas [2019-08-09]
 Dechaung Radar Level Measuring Instruments [2019-08-08]
 120GHz FMCW radar level Transmitter successfully measured the alumina powder [2019-07-29]
 What is the measurement effect of the 120G FMCW radar level gauge? the measurement data to prove! [2019-07-22]
 User's affirmation gives us the motivation to move forward-120GHz FMCW Radar Level Gauge Evaluation [2019-07-12]
 Our radar level sensor has been successfully applied to the measurement of potassium sulfate solution. [2019-07-02]
 Successful case-120GHz FMCW Radar Level gauge used in the level measurement of coal powder [2019-06-13]
 2019 China (Xi'an) Petroleum and Chemical Instrumentation Automation Technology Seminar Held Successfully [2019-05-30]
 DeChuang's ten-year celebration and group building activities in Qinling [2019-05-21]
 Our engineers Mr Ma. rushed to Tongchuan Cement Factory to guide customers to debug the radar level Transmi... [2019-05-16]
 successful case-our radar Level transmitter used in the measurement of chemical liquid [2019-05-11]
 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Xi’an Dechuang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. [2017-12-20]
 Dechuang Radar Level Transmitter Poses On The 12th India International Automation Exhibition [2017-08-10]
 2017 Exhibition Invitation [2017-08-01]
 The Lantern Festival holiday notice of Xi’an Dechuang Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd [2015-03-05]
 Submersible type liquid level transmitter will present a good development in the future [2015-01-04]
 Comparison of LF and HF Radar Level Transmitter in Solid Material Measurement [2014-10-17]
 Dechuang Searching Overseas Distributor/Agency [2014-04-10]
 The Application Area of Dechuang Radar Level Transmitter [2014-03-25]
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