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Classification of Level Sensor Measuring Systems
Published:2017-07-25 | Browse: 4460 timesClose this page

Classification of Level Sensor Measuring Systems

The family of level Sensor measurement systems is classified into different categories such as:

·Liquids or Solids Level Measurement

·Point or Continuous Level Measurement

·Electromagnetic or Electromechanical Level Measurement

·Contacting or Non-Contacting Level Measurement

General Considerations for Liquid Level Sensor Selection:

·Density and viscosity

·Vapors mist and dust

·Chemical composition

·Interfaces and gradients

·Ambient temperature


·Process temperature

·Process pressure

·Regulated environment

Out of these four types of measurement systems, this article describes aboutthe point level measurement and detection system, and the Continuous Level Measurement and Detection Systems are explained briefly in the following paragraphs. These both measurement systems cover different types of level sensors.

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