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the Installation Position Selection Of Radar Level Sensor 2/2
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the Installation Position Selection OfRadar Level Sensor2/2

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The radar level Sensorshould be installed to avoid contact between the sensor and the tank wall and should be kept at a certain distance from the tank wall. Because the radar level meter is measured by transmitting high-frequency microwave pulses along the detection component, the dielectric constant changes when these pulse waves encounter the measured medium, causing the emission. Therefore, if the installed radar level sensoris too close to the tank wall, the dielectric constant of the tank wall may be obtained, which directly leads to the inaccuracy of the measured parameters.

Correct installation method of radar levelSensor:

5.The Radar level sensor can not be installed in the middle of the arch and round tank top. When the radar sensor is installed in the middle of the arched and rounded tank top, not only the indirect echo but also the multiple echoes will be received. The multiple echoes may be larger than the threshold of the true echo signal, because the top can be concentrated by multiple echoes.

As Shown: ① right ② wrong

6.When the tank obstacles affect the measurement, the baffle-board must be installed for proper measurement.

As Shown: ① right ② wrong

7.The pipe joint height requirements, it must ensure that the antenna extends into the tank for at least 10mm

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