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User's affirmation gives us the motivation to move forward-120GHz FMCW Radar Level Gauge Evaluation
Source:Xi’an Dechuang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. | Author:admin | Published:2019-07-12 | Browse: 412 timesClose this page

The performance of 120GHz FMCW Radar Level Gauge Evaluation DCRD1000Bis able to withstand the experience and inspection of the user. Since Xi'an Dechuang 120G radarlevel gauge DCRD1000Bhas been put into the market, it has been consistently affirmed by users, the user's affirmation is the inexhaustible driving force for us to move forward.

User trial feedback---------------Good Trial!

120G radar measurement signal is stable, the trend is continuous without burrs, accurately display the height of the material level!

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