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Bulk solid silos radar level gauge model selection of Universal joint and air purge set
Source:Xi’an Dechuang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. | Author:admin | Published:2019-11-27 | Browse: 299 timesClose this page

Air purge+Nuzzle , Universal joint:The necessary adjunct when measuring the level of bulk solid in silos bins and tanks.

When radar level gauge measure the level of solid medium, such as grains, cement powders, solid particles, the solid material will form a stockpile or hopper in the silo when feeding or undloading. Then the antenna of the radar level transmitter need to perpendicularly alignment to the medium surface, if the material is uneven, and the heap angle is large then the universal joint flange is needed to adjust the horn angle to aim the charge level.(Due to the inclination of the solid surface it will cause the problem of echo decay or even the signal loss.)

When measuring the bulk solids, there will bring very heavy dust. we add an air purge and nuzzle on the radar level transmitter, the enduser can use an airpressor to blow away the dust after using several days.

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