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The top ten Radar/liquid level meter brands concerned by network media and netizens in 2019".
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Looking back to 2019, the trade war intensifies, and the foreign trade and cooperation of the instrument industry is faced with more complicated and changeable forms. However, some instrument companies with unique vision will be able to use the increasingly important Internet to sell their products and promote their brands despite the crisis.Keep up with The Times, for exploration, they use the network to open new markets for enterprises, to do the tide of The Times.In order to commend the enterprises that have made achievements in 2019, meternet takes "promoting the brand promotion of meters" as its proposition. Based on the big data of network media and user evaluation, meternet selects "the top ten material/liquid level meter brands concerned by network media and netizens in 2019". In 2019, xi 'an dechuang electric technology co., ltd. is a brand enterprise with best service to all customers.

Thank you for the recognition and support of our company's radar level gauge, level transmitter and guided wave radar level meter! In 2020, we will continue to work hard, seize the day and night, and strive for localization of liquid level gauge!

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