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DCRD1000A2 Radar Water Level Transmitter/Sensor
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The radar level transmitter antenna emit narrow microwave pulse that propagate in speed of light in space, when come across the measured medium surface, its energy is partly reflected back and is received by the same antenna. The time interval of transmitted pulse and the received pulse is proportional to the distance from the antenna to the surface of the measured medium, thereby figure out the distance from the antenna to the measured medium surface.

Features: the radar level gauge adopt transmission frequency up to 26GHz, which possesses:

- Small beam angle(minimum 5 degrees), concentrated energy, stronger anti-jamming capability, improving the measurement accuracy and reliability.

- Small antenna size for installation, and install added protective dust cover, such as the antenna device.

- smaller measuring blind zone for cannikin measurement;

- Shorter wavelength, suitable for level measurement of small particulate matter.

Apply advanced microprocessor and unique DCRDDiscovery echo processing technology for complex working conditions.

Adopt the pulse working manner, and quite low transmit power, can be installed inside a variety of metals, non-metallic container, therefore harmless to human body and environment.

Characteristic: a variety of patented antenna, anti-coagulation, anti-hanging material, the minimum emission angle is 8 degree.

Application: widely used in a variety of liquid level measurement, such as: hydrological monitoring.

Maximum range: 30m (there are 70m of other model)

Accuracy: ± 3mm

Antenna material:

(1) stainless steel 316L Speaker/ PTFE vibrator

(2) stainless steel 316L/ PTFE vibrator

(3) all-plastic speaker/ PTFE vibrator

Antenna structure:

(1) sharp-pointed vibrator, poor anti-condensate ability

(2) cone vibrator, anti-coagulation

(3) cone vibrator, anti-dew, anti-coagulation

Process temperature:

(1) (- 40 ~ 200) ° C

(2) (- 40 ~ 200) ° C

(3) (- 40 ~ 100) ° C

Process pressure:

(1) (- 0.1 ~ 4) MPa

(2) (- 0.1 ~ 0.3) MPa

(3) (- 0.1 ~ 0.3) MPa

Frequency Range: 26GHz

Signal output: (4 ~ 20) mA/ HART

Power supply: two-wire/ four-wire DC12 ~ 24V

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